Advisory services for small to mid-size organizations

Areas of Practice


CFO Advisory services

Enterprise level data analytics and strategic development are tailored to your organization needs.  CFO Advisory clients receive A-Z accounting, human resources, and business advisory strategies and services to achieve stated goals.  From startups to organizations building to the next level of their success, we guide our clients through the spectrum of business plan development, implementation, and performance analysis.  In short, with our CFO Advisory Services you receive the power of an in-house finance department with the added benefits of comparative analytics, value driven solutions, low overhead, and more.

nonprofit compliance

990, 199, SI-100, RRF-1, 941, and so forth.  Did any of that make sense to you?  If no, let's do business.  Nonprofit organizations are the greatest agents for positive change in our communities.  They are often created, managed, and supported by incredible people with an overwhelming capacity to do good works.  Unsurprisingly, those same amazing people aren't necessarily great at filling out forms written by bureaucrats and politicians.  That's where we come in.  We are incredibly proficient at filling out forms written by bureaucrats and politicians.  We'll keep your organization compliant with the government so you can keep changing the lives of the governed.  

systems and strategy

We take the mystery and mayhem out of strategic development.  Let's cut to the core of who you are, what you wish to achieve, and what resources are at your disposal and together, we'll support you in achieving your highest potential.  Growing businesses and organizations isn't rocket science, it's harder! However, with a little bit of time, effort, and a healthy injection of our "super-secret"* formula for success, our Clients attain their goals and achieve their dreams.  *Note: Honesty, integrity, hard work, and a judicious application of objective analysis (aka common sense) add up to a sure-fire formula for success (patent pending).

tax representation

Taxes are complicated, working with the tax agencies can seem impossible.  With full representation rights before the Internal Revenue Service and your state tax authority, we demystify tax, tame the insistent and persistent tax agent, and implement the best strategy for achieving your most favorable outcome.  When it comes to tax representation, we become our clients.  We examine every aspect of your particular tax situation in order to become your most fervent advocate.  We fervently believe every taxpayer is entitled to transparent, competent, diligent, and honest representation.  Let us be your champion. 

tax preparation

We're not your average tax preparation firm.  We believe the transactional tax preparer is soon to be extinct.  Our tax preparation clients, from individuals and sole proprietors, to partnerships, corporations, and exempt organizations, receive something unique in the world of tax: year-round support at a fixed, transparent, and value-driven investment.  No hourly rates, no rounded billing, no price per-form.  We tailor three specific options to your individual needs, you decide how much, or how little support you need, and we take care of the rest.  No surprises, year-round support, and painless preparation.  Try us out, you're going to like the way we prepare your taxes! 

government contracting

Certified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) with the U.S. Government, and a Small Business/Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (SB/DVBE) with the State of California.  We are an approved Vendor with the County of Monterey.  We seek public sector partnerships to apply private sector skills creating career opportunities for our fellow Veterans and achieving positive resolution of long-standing challenges in our communities.   In particular, we seek to improve citizen access to, and participation in government, improve the delivery of government services, reduce barriers to achieving success, and minimize the expenses of delivering services.  

staffing Solutions

To best support the communities we serve in achieving their highest potential, we must support our fellow citizens in achieving full employment.  TMG Staffing Solutions, in partnership with The Veterans Transition Center of California, exclusively supports our U.S. Military Veteran community, and their families, in obtaining their maximum career potential.  We connect private and public sector employers with qualified, motivated, and dedicated Veteran employees through temporary, temp-to-permanent, and direct placement staffing opportunities. See our current opportunities by clicking here: TMG Careers.

personnel development

Is your team performing at the level you know to be possible?  Are your team members exceeding your expectations?  Are you recruiting qualified, motivated, and dedicated talent? If you answered yes, then congratulations, you are already our client!  If you answered no, don't despair, you can be our client too! We develop and implement solutions to create high functioning productive teams. From codifying your culture, to identifying critical needs in your organization, to recruiting, team-building, and even transitioning team members to their next best opportunity, we provide human resources solutions tailored to your desired outcomes.  Let's build your best team!  

hr compliance

From recruiting, on-boarding, and paying employees, withholding their taxes and paying the government, managing employee expectations, implementing and managing employee benefit programs, and transitioning employees to another employer, HR compliance is a minefield of dry, boring, legalese with potentially catastrophic consequences for getting it wrong.  We partner with subject matter experts in human resources management, benefits providers, and compliance (aka lawyers) distilling that information into actionable intelligence to help you run your business, keep your teams happy and high functioning, and ensure the government is satisfied.